In the heart of Pitshanger Lane, Ealing. Grillville is a restaurant of high standards serving best quality food, dry aged steaks, burgers and home smoked ribs to the local community – we know you will love what we do.



Our Story

Welcome To Grillville

Grillville Head chef and owner, Szymon Niedziela has devoted over 18 years of experience, creating this unique restaurant, nominated locally and nationally for their food concepts.

Grillville opened its doors for the first time in 2016 and has become a very popular meeting spot for the local Pitshanger Lane community in Ealing.

We are an independent family-run restaurant serving high quality, fresh and delicious food prepared using locally sourced ingredients.

Grillville Restaurant Home | Cafe | Steakhouse | 114 Pitshanger Lane Ealing W5
Grillville Restaurant Home | Cafe | Steakhouse | 114 Pitshanger Lane Ealing W5 | Recipes & Ingredients

Our food

Recipes and Ingredients

Grillville recipes are homemade which are designed offering our own unique twist on food character.

After hours of experimentation, we endeavour to reach satisfaction that our recipes for you, come from a good place.

Of the many restaurants on Pitshanger Lane Ealing, Grillville believes in supporting the local community and strives to source seasonal ingredients from local suppliers.

Grillville believes fresh, locally sourced food is essential to maintain its reputation of giving back to the community and customers.

Meat Quality

Breakfast, Brunch & Dinner

The meat quality in our menus offers a choice for Brunch or Dinner. Grillville has created and developed long-standing relationships with neighbouring businesses.

If you are deciding on Beef, Poultry or Pork – we buy local, who seek advice from British Farms, look for the best quality, be that grass-fed beef, outdoor breed pork, free-range chicken to dry-aged steaks.

We want you to know that our meat quality has the carefully chosen local ingredients when we decide on our recipes for our customers.

Grillville Restaurant Home | Cafe | Steakhouse | 114 Pitshanger Lane Ealing W5 | Breakfast Brunch Dinner
Vegetarian Choices | Grillville Restaurant Home | Cafe | Steakhouse | Ealing W5 | Vegetarian Choice

Vegetarian selection

Vegetarian Choices

We seasonally change our vegetarian choices options.

Why? We listen to our customers and connoisseurs, to learn from their recommendations.

Many recipes have been tried and tested before we place them on the Grillville Brunch and  Evening menu. We are proud of our vegetarian choices.

There is something for every customer at Grillville on Pitshanger Lane in Ealing. Have an idea, then contact us let us know.